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Commercial ReelTamara Fritz
Character/Video Game ReelTamara Fritz
I am a British-American voiceover artist based in Columbus, Ohio. I am genderfluid (male and female), using she and he pronouns. My voice is rich, warm, and full of energy. My singing range is between tenor and mezzo soprano and I perform anything from animated, young male characters to a more professional tone for commercial narration. 

I have extensive experience with video games, commercials for radio and TV, explainer videos, internal presentations, IVR, and more! I'm also a singer (mezzo soprano) and capable of singing for projects.

Some of my clients include Delta Airlines, LG, Square, Mercedes-Benz, Oculus, Motorola, and GrubHub, and I've been in video games like Warframe (Eudico/Profit-Taker), Magic the Gathering Arena (Freyalise) and Wargroove (Queen Mercia).
Please feel free to reach out to me at for a quote!
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