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Warframe: Profit-Taker/Eudico
Warframe: Fortuna | Character: Eudico
Wegmans Holiday Catering
Wagathon Guiding Eyes Video 2018
NuBra: NuClips (Quinnfable Advertising)
Ad: Middlebury College- Our New Identity (Media 215)
Paurelie(Animated Thesis, Narrator)
Dollar Energy Fundraiser Signup (Group C Productions)
God Complex: Throoth/Toyotama
Clio Coffee
Wargroove: Queen Mercia
Lili: Banking for Freelancers
GrubHub- Recommendations for Restaurants
Sleep Savvy Magazine Promo
Game: Hounds, The Last Hope (female protag)
Huntsman Textiles- Sustainability (Adapt Studios)
Fashion Intern- Mobile Game
Heroes Of Newerth- FLEX Silhouette Avatar
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